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What Will You Eat on a Glow Retreat?

Glow retreat food: asparagus salad

Over the many years of running retreats, we’ve noted just how important the food is as a part of the Glow experience.

And for many of our previous guests, the food is an absolute highlight! Particularly when we are so blessed to have Chef Remko - food magician, alchemista, maestro in the kitchen at Can Shanti.

Food is comfort, food is theatre, food is a talking point, food is nutrition, food is powerful and at Glow, food is LOVE.

Wondering what you can expect to eat on a Glow yoga and wellness retreat? Let me break it down into the questions we get asked most frequently regarding the food…

Why is the food so important on Glow?

Retreats are a journey. Yoga and the other holistic practices can release many emotions - so you can expect feelings to come up. Nourishing our bodies alongside these practices with healthy, hearty food is essential. And the love that we put into our menu supports our guests on many levels - emotional as well as physical.

Who is our Chef Remko?

As well as being the creator of not just tasty and nutritious food, Remko’s kitchen is almost the underpinning of the Glow experience. He’s calm, kind, vigilant, caring and is always happy to share his knowledge and experiences. Remko is truly passionate about food and it shows in everything he creates. He travels each winter to different parts of the world to learn new skills and dishes from other cultures - which we get to enjoy the benefit of!

Remko won’t mind me mentioning his own personal journey. His story is inspiring and his healthy Glow is testament to his commitment to his diet and health. He’s always there for a chat (or a hug) in his kitchen.

Is the food on a Glow retreat vegan or vegetarian?

I myself am vegetarian, although Sarah is not. I have gone through a stage of veganism, but we now adhere to a vegetarian diet. Even if you are an avid meat eater, we promise that during your retreat, you will not miss meat, and the menu of healthy food will fully nourish your body throughout your stay.

Is the food organic?

All of our fruit and veg is grown locally and we work with local framers, opting for organic ingredients when possible! This means no mass-produced super market plastic-wrapped foods. We try to follow a zero plastic policy wherever possible to support the island’s eco-system.

We will eat seasonally as our bodies are meant to - and meals will be based around what is most abundant at the time of the retreat. This is good news for us as the island is so abundant and the Mediterranean diet so delicious and fresh.

Will just be lentils and humous?

Gone are the days (we really hope!) that retreat food consists of loads of humous, beans, lentils and taste-less unidentifiable dishes. Times have moved on and at Glow, we pride ourselves on our first-class food.

How many meals will we get a day?

The following gives you an idea of the food available to our guests on a Glow retreat:

  • Pre-yoga teas, coffee and a light bite - some people need food as soon before yoga and others prefer to wait. It is entirely at your discretion

  • Post-yoga superfood smoothie or fresh cold-pressed juice. We will alternate depending on the day and the practice

  • Abundant poolside buffet brunch

  • Afternoon snack

  • 3 course seated dinner under the stars

You are also welcome to help yourself to our fruit bowl throughout the day and unlimited teas are available, as well as use of our hydration station with purified still or sparkling water. Water is life!

Can you cater for my dietary requirements?

We are able to cater for most allergies or dietary choices. The best thing to do if you are worried about your personal dietary needs is to get in touch and we can have a chat to ensure we can support you 100%.

Will I feel hungry during the yoga retreat?

No definitely not! We cater for all appetites - small or large, don’t worry.

Is this a weight loss or detox retreat?

We do not position ourselves as a weight-loss or detox retreat. Although our food is healthy, nutritious and clean!

Love Susie x & Sarah x


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