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How was our first retreat of 2024?

We are writing this blog flying high! As we can say with absolute conviction that the inaugural 2024 Glow retreat at Can Shanti was INCREDIBLE!

So how did it go?

You know when you look back on an experience and you really feel deep inside like there is nothing that you would have changed or added? This is genuinely how we feel about this retreat. The flow was just beautiful. The sun shone every single day for us, with that beautiful fresh dappled bright sunlight of springtime. The birds sang in our private forest, the bees buzzed around the lavender. And we had the most wonderful group of 10 individuals - who all connected beautifully. The dream!

This year has brought huge changes for Glow. With change comes growth and expansion, but also, of course a little bit of trepidation. Will it work? Can we bring these dreams and visions that we had for Glow to life? Will our clients like it?

And we think we can safely say a resounding YES!

It's so very hard to describe what happens on retreat and each retreat is uniquely different, according to the group, the time of year and many other factors. We like to be flexible on a Glow retreat - not to be attached to a fixed plan, but the ability to weave and flow and adapt to the group's needs.

The above video does not do the retreat justice… but it gives you a feel of the first night vibes and atmosphere.…Live music, incredible food and service and lots of laughter and smiles.

What was new for 2024?

  • We upgraded our venue to the stunning Can Shanti - a beautiful bright light and spacious sanctuary near the sleepy village of Santa Agnès. Parts of the villa date back over 300 years and it has been sensitively and beautifully renovated.

  • We upgraded our service offering so that our guests could be really taken care of, allowing us to be able to spend as much time as possible with each and every one of you who join us. Our Glow magic touches now include - 5* house keeping service, a dedicated wellness host on site at all times (in addition to Sarah and I!), an evening turn-down service & a fully serviced evening dining experience of a 3 course dinner in the garden. There are lots of other magical touches too...but you’ll just have to come and see for yourself to find those out ;0)

  • Sarah & I have upgraded personally so we could give our guests deeper experiences. Sarah went off to do her 300hr Teacher Training in Barcelona (she will share more on this soon with a personal blog). And I spent the winter deepening my connection to my own practice, exploring classes with other teachers, singing circles, different styles of yoga, cleansing my body and climbing lots of Ibiza mountains! And of course in South Africa where we ran our first Yoga, Safari & Conservation in action retreat.

  • We now have our yoga deck in our own private forest! As much as we loved the studio at Can Verru - there is something truly magical about practising outside with only the sounds of the forest to guide you.

And here is what our guests said!

"An absolutely wonderful experience! Susie and Sarah, two incredibly special women, effortlessly grasp the needs of both you and the group, ensuring it's much more than just a relaxing experience. Held at the perfect venue, with divine food, and enveloped by the beauty of nature, every moment was a true treasure. They helped me reconnect with myself. Thank you immensely!" - Nathalie

"I am truly feeling great! Energised & hopeful & have recovered a sense of self-belief. I was back on my mat this morning & bringing your lessons with me. Missing Remko’s delicious repertoire but trying to make better food choices! Hope yourself & Susie have had a chance to rest. Thanks again for sharing your positive energy". - Jen

Glow retreat was incredibly beautiful. Inspiring yoga with great people in a beautiful place. I enjoyed every minute. Sarah and Susie are so dedicated to what they do. They are so loving, caring and thoughtful. Together with the team at villa Can Shanti, they ensure an unforgettable stay and experience. I keep these beautiful memories in my heart. - Margreet

"This was my first time travelling on my own, but at 64 and feeling lost in my life, I knew I had to make the trip for healing and re-set. I’ve done one other retreat but this one with ‘Glow’ was just WOW!!! Susie and Sarah are angels. The attention to detail and the care given by the team for the whole 5 days was beyond amazing, better than any 5 star hotels . The Villa was so beautiful and tranquil. If I could give Glow more than 5 stars I definitely would. Take that trip with Glow, you won’t regret a single second, I’m now feeling more positive and fully restored in mind body and soul". - Christine

If you would like to join us - please check out out calendar of availability here and contact us for offers! Or simply email us on Or if you would prefer to speak to a lovely human voice, then simply pop a what's app to 0034 662 093 499.

Love Susie x & Sarah x


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