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Fresh Glow in Spring - nurturing a reconnection to yourself by connecting to the healing power of nature.

It’s not difficult to fall in love with spending time in nature when you’re in Ibiza. 

The most hardened European urbanites are suddenly the quickest to shed their shoes when they get off the plane & the mystical, healing energy of Ibiza instantly permeates their city-clogged pores. 

When we added the Fresh Glow early Spring & October retreats to our programme, the concept was based around connecting to nature by embarking on daily hikes in the incredible countryside & along the stunning coastal routes of Ibiza.

It was an instant success with four sell-out Fresh Glow retreats & with a huge returning guest rate. We even had guests from our October Fresh Glow retreats immediately booking for the Fresh Glow in the following April!

Now, two years down the line from the first Fresh Glow retreat we are evolving the concept to be more inclusive of our guests who want to feel that raw connection to nature but who want to lean into it from a less physically strenuous stance!

(Between us, Susie is definitely the more pro-hiker while I am more of a ‘meditate on the beach, stop & smell the flowers’ kind of gal!)

So for April 2024 we are so excited about the new evolution of Fresh Glow where we will take some of our Yoga & meditation sessions out into nature to feel deeply connected to the power of its healing elements.

Many stellar studies from scientific & wellbeing authorities have proved that being active in nature can relieve stress and alleviate mild depressive episodes, promote mental & physical healing, assist in the maintenance of stronger immune systems and much more. 

From ‘forest bathing’ to walking barefoot in nature, sitting by the sea and being active amongst the elements of this beautiful planet, nature’s therapeutic effects have been scientifically proven to have positive mental & physiological effect on the mind & body - on both a neurological & cellular level. Isn’t that amazing?

Meanwhile our modern lifestyles increasingly separate us from direct contact with nature as we stay indoors or work from home. A walk out in nature becomes an occasional Sunday activity rather than a crucial implement in our wellness toolbox.

So for Fresh Glow in 2024 we will be dialing down the strenuous daily hiking and leaning more into just ‘being’ & moving in nature as we take advantage of the incredible temperate conditions of Ibiza in Spring. 

We will still have one exhilarating full afternoon hike, but on other days we will be enjoying relaxing evening sunset strolls, beach yoga, hilltop meditation and Qi Gong in the forest. 

And as last April was wall-to-wall sunshine & incredible temperatures, there will be plenty of time to lunge in the sunshine soaking up the benefits of Vitamin D.

Join us this April & early May for a truly inspiring retreat where you will experience the very best of what Ibiza has to offer in the quieter months before the crowds arrive, while connecting to nature & nurturing that all-important reconnection to your sense of self.

Come & Glow!


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