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Could you be #sharingcurious?

Let’s talk about being #sharingcurious!

In recent years we've noticed that more and more guests will opt for private rooms if their budget allows.

But this wasn’t always the case! Between us and together, we’ve run retreats running into the hundreds and it used to be the case that the shared rooms were always in high demand, so much so that we always went for retreat venues that had plenty of single beds.

Obviously the lower price point was always attractive but for many the whole retreat experience was bound up with the communal spirit and many guests came on retreat with the intention to share a room and meet new friends.

Of course - there might be a situation where a guest is craving some space and solitude and is feeling very clear about that need and that is absolutely understandable. Or maybe you know you are a snorer - so it’s an absolute must that you book a private room, please!

Yet often, once we offer the idea of a shared space and sow the seed, guests are open to this. I have to say I have always shared a room on retreat - for both budget reasons, but also (and mainly) personal preference reasons too.

My experiences of sharing have always been incredibly positive and happy - and I have made friends for life! I love meeting new people and connecting with like-minded individuals with a shared desire to make the most of a beautiful experience & that has always made the room-share even more special and has added a new level.

I love how sharing a room can enhance the retreat experience - and we have had so many wonderful examples where people have shared and now come religiously every year together.

Even if they only get to meet up on their annual retreats because they live in different countries and cultures, with very different life experiences, they come back to us to spend that precious time together on retreat.

Maybe you are reading this now as one of those people I’m talking about -

you know who you are!

Sarah and I have calculated that between us we have created, organised or facilitated a literally hundreds of retreats here in Ibiza and we can count the negative room-sharing experiences on one hand.

Ironically, those few negative sharing experiences that we can remember were often when good friends who already had a relationship came on retreat together only to find that sharing a room put their friendship in a whole different light!

And it goes without saying that we are really experienced in ‘buddying-up’ room sharers. After so many years of doing it, we have a sixth sense about which guests will be a good fit to share a room - and often we will know one or both guests so we can be super-confident about creating harmony and even friends for life out of the shared rooms on retreat.

Whether for budget reasons or for a whole different experience, we can hand-on-heart recommend a sharing experience on our Glow & Light Up retreats.

Feel free to message or email us if you’d like to talk a bit more about our shared spaces.

Love Susie x


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