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Rediscover your Wild Retreat - January 2024

We all need PURPOSE. It’s what fires up our souls and is one of the keys to those feelings of contentment and fulfilment in life. AKA that elusive Happiness.

Almost exactly 1 year ago, we had a call from a lovely friend of ours - she was on a safari in South Africa and had had one of those life epiphanies. One of those moments where you know you are changed forever and nothing will ever be the same again.

She was in the heart of the Africa plains - watching baby elephants frolic and play at sunrise, seeing graceful giraffes surveying their lands; eyes full of wisdom. Feeling the pain of a lion hunting an antelope herd; but knowing that this is nature in all its beauty and brutality and she was watching the natural circle of life at play. Underneath the clear night sky, where you can see billions and stars and the Milky Way in all its glory, she felt it was the most humbling experience of her life. You realise that despite all that you put in place to try to do so, you can never really have control of your destiny. And that the universe is vast, expansive and infinite and you are just such a tiny part of it all.

But there is always a darker side - the poaching, cruelty and problems that humanity has caused in the wild. And it’s heartbreaking. But this is something we CAN affect and we CAN make a difference to.

So from this phone call, we have planned and worked and been very busy. We have curated a 6 day yoga & safari retreat - where we can experience the glory of these beasts in their natural habitat - and be at one with nature. We are supporting some grass roots conservation charities and will be learning with them each step of the way on retreat. How we can help now and continue to help in the future. And as always with the GLOW experience, we will also take a journey into ourselves too with a daily yoga and meditation practise - taking our cues from nature itself.

Especially when there is so much horror going on in the world, this is not a distraction, but a reminder that there is also good in the world. Good people making good connections, doing good work - often putting themselves in grave danger in the process.

We will be in South Africa in the Limpopo region from 14-20 January 2024. Watch this space for more info.

Love Susie x & Sarah x

PS If you are wondering why you didn't see this, we didn’t even get to put the retreat on the website as the spaces all sold out before we got the chance. That means there is every chance we will continue to run this beautiful retreat experience in the future...


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