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How can Yoga be such a powerful and fundamental part of a Safari & Conservation retreat?

Many of you will have seen our social media stories throughout our journey and we have received such lovely messages of support and interest from you - thank you! 

But the thoughts we want to convey here are about what it meant to us and our beautiful group of guests that have become ‘retreat family’. And what we can learn from the experience to bring to our Glow retreats. 

The beauty of this journey was knowing it was not just a lovely getaway as a group, but a very focussed ‘mission’ with a very tangible purpose. 

The mission? To bring much needed funds to the conservation efforts of so many unheard, unrewarded people who live every day of their lives protecting the endangered wildlife of this planet we inhabit. As we met with our fundraising collaborators and the beneficiaries of our fundraising efforts, we learned what true, unequivocal purpose means. 

And as human beings, we all need purpose. Just like we need food, water and shelter, without purpose it’s impossible to lead a meaningful life. 

The yoga and meditation element was such a fundamental part of the experience. And here’s why…

Everything is energy and the ‘energy’ of yoga works in a multi-faceted way.  We know the practise allows for self-reflection and cultivates connection - firstly to ourselves, but also to our external environment.  It helps us to calm our minds and on a physiological level, our nervous systems too. Tapping back in from the go, go go ‘fight or flight’ mode, to the restful waves of the parasympathetic nervous system brings us clarity and perspective, when often we are just focussed on getting through life. And when we exist in and live in this calmer, more natural state, we allow and attract more of the same. 

Proof of this ‘yoga energy’ is unequivocal. We literally saw  it during our sessions on the outdoor raised deck in the African bush. When the elusive black rhino made an appearance with her calf. Or the curious Impala were inching closer and closer - particularly during the silence of Savasana. The birds landed on branches right by us and the gentle giraffes glided past us watchfully. 

We all underwent a truly unifying and heart-expanding experience that will never leave us. And at the root of it all is CONNECTION & PURPOSE.

And this is what is at the heart of retreats and why we do them. We don’t all have to be in the African bush saving endangered species, but we do need to live a life filled with connection, passion, purpose and fulfilment.

You can be established in your career and in your life, but there is always room for more purpose and connection!

We will be bringing so much of what we learnt in Africa to our retreats in Ibiza and Lefkada too. So do join us to reconnect to what’s really important to you. 

Pop us an email on or send us a what's app on 0034 662 093 499 anytime!

Love Susie & Sarah x


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