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Do you have to like yoga to come on a Glow retreat?

It’s actually a really valid question and one which we have been asked a good few times. Are you surprised?

There are so many factors to consider when booking a retreat and we consider ourselves SO MUCH more than a yoga retreat.

It’s hard to put into words what a Glow retreat is (and we often revisit this definition), but, in essence, we describe Glow as 'Yoga, guided meditation & complete wellbeing for the body, mind & soul'. It’s a fully holistic wellbeing experience.

We believe people are looking for (and need!) MORE these days. Self-care and emotional 'WELL'TH are so important in these times we live in. High levels of stress and anxiety, not just in our own immediate lives, but also the huge amounts of conflict in the world, put a huge strain on our nervous systems (even on a sub-conscious level).

Many of us are on ‘high alert’ constantly - that state of ‘fight or flight’ when our Sympathetic nervous systems get activated. And when we become dis-regulated, this has an effect on how we feel and how we are able cope with life. We now know so much more about the connection between emotional and spiritual health and the affect this has on our physical health.

A regulated nervous system is a healthy one and as much as possible, we want to reside in the calm of the Para-sympathetic nervous system or the ‘rest and digest’ side - until we really need the Sympathetic to kick in!

So as much as we offer really inspiring daily yoga practices; what you can also expect when you retreat with us?

  • Daily uplifting and energising Vinyasa-style flow yoga, as well as calming restorative and yin yoga on our beautiful deck in the forrest

  • Daily guided Meditation, visualisation and breath-work

  • Other relaxation tools and techniques such as sound journeys and Yoga Nidra as workshops or experiences

  • Inspiring speakers to talk to you about their own life journeys

  • Nourishing and beautiful plant-based cuisine, made with the best local seasonal ingredients and a lot of love!

  •  A magical, calming and healing environment

  • An incredible hosting team, who will take care of you from the moment you open your eyes, until you lay your head on the most sumptuous pillows at night. We want to ensure that you truly rest and enjoy every moment of your Glow experience

  • A divine full body massage upon arrival to ease out any stress or tension from your physical body

  • Our team of therapists is there if you need support with any ‘life-stuff’. Healing, removing blockages and taking you on some incredible journeys with a full and glorious program of additional treatments and therapies

  • Plenty of time to connect with nature on our stunning island

This all adds up to an incredible sensory experience for the body, mind & soul. The sum of the parts is always greater than the whole.

So you don’t need to love yoga to come on retreat with us. Great if you do and perhaps if you don’t currently, the way that you will experience yoga with us may change your mind.

The yoga practice on a Glow retreat is suitable for all levels. We are always 2 teachers to guide newer practitioners (or just the out of their flow ones!) and this means we can also help the more experienced to go deeper or refine poses. The yoga is of course optional! Some guests prefer to join and enjoy the meditation and breath-work and modify the asana practice to suit themselves by not joining at all or just being with the group and enjoying the beautiful deck in our private forest.

We do hope to welcome you soon!

Pop us an email on or if you prefer to have a chat

- whats app on 0034 662 093 499.

Love, Susie x & Sarah x


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