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Keeping it Juicy

Firstly, I want to express here that I am not a nutritionist or a dietician, so this blog is based upon my opinion only and is purely formed from my own experience of cleansing.

Funnily enough, cleansing is something relatively recent for me. Although I have spent many years around cleanses like fasting or juicing and with access to lots of incredibly knowledgeable people and information here on Ibiza, it just didn’t feel like something I needed (or wanted!!!) to embark upon.

Then some things changed. For sure, the main reason has been my journey of yoga; the progressive expansion of yoga into my life ‘off the mat’ has put me more in tune with my body. Without a shadow of a doubt, I feel much more connected and I have so much more respect and compassion for my body. I want to take care of it in a way which I didn’t do - or didn’t have the capacity for - before. Yoga has helped me to cultivate a more loving relationship with myself - and it’s true - you don’t want to hurt that which you love.

This relationship has developed hand in hand with the aging process too. There is a level of humility to be found when you hit your 40’s (and beyond!) and you are able to ‘let go’ of some of the ego stuff. Your focus perhaps changes in respect to the physical asanas. I long ago discovered the hard way, that happiness is not to be found at the end of contorting my body into a pretzel-like pose. Perhaps your energy and attention is focused on the more subtle stuff. Certainly, this has been my journey – more stillness, reflection, a self-care plan and a deeper appreciation for all that yoga is and the peace and joy that it is has brought into my life.

Another reason (and the real kick starter for my first juice cleanse) was my experience with post-viral inflammation in my body. The fatigue and general lack of energy and vitality that I felt, made me realise I had to do something to take responsibility for my own health and wellness. I was knocked for six and in a vicious cycle of using caffeine and sugar to get me through the day - giving me that short term kick, but adding to the fatigue and the levels of inflammation in my body.

So, I’m going to talk more now about juice cleansing specifically. Research on juice cleansing and information on the internet is vast, wide and paradoxical, so I’m going to summarise only the benefits that I have personally felt.

*Note I do a fully supported 5-day juice cleanse with liver flush with a highly qualified and experienced practitioner here on Ibiza, who prepares and provides specific juices and broths tailored to my needs, goals and body type. Please DM me for a connection to this genius!

· Boost nutrition & hydration. Juicing is a fast way to get vitamins, minerals and nutrition from fruit and veg straight into your system. For example, 1 green juice contains a huge amount of vitamin C, B vitamins and other essential minerals. It’s a much easier way to consume more of the good stuff - and as our bodies are made mostly of water it also helps to keep you hydrated.

· Boost the immune system. Lots of citrus, leafy greens, ginger and other anti-inflammatories all support the healthy functioning of our immune system. Fresh juices are also packed with anti-oxidants.

· Change eating habits to boost energy. I no longer suffer the sugar cravings or dreaded 3pm slump! Juicing has 100% helped me to increase my energy naturally and I feel so much better in myself.

· Clarity of thought. I sleep better, wake up feeling more rested and have less of the times when I feel a sense of overwhelm.

· Physical benefits. I’ve just completed a cleanse and I feel physically lighter – although the aim of a cleanse is really a system reboot rather than a weight-loss kickstart. I have more energy, I feel less sluggish and I definitely notice an improvement in my skin texture and the brightness of my eyes.

So, having waxed-lyrical about the benefits of juicing, some of you may be wondering why we don’t offer Juice Cleanse retreats ourselves and the short answer is – because supporting a group through a cleanse requires a specific level of specialist knowledge can be incredibly hard! The first few times you do a cleanse you might find your emotions go up and down a bit and you might initially feel more fatigued or suffer from headaches.

But as a an extra ‘insurance policy’ for general health and wellbeing, I will definitely be returning to juice cleansing at regular intervals to revitalize and reinvigorate my system or when I feel I need a top-up. I will also continue a green juice daily as well as some of the other elements of the cleanse for as long as possible.

And to offset some of the other little treats that are also such an important part of life.

The ritual of a good quality fresh coffee in the mornings. Oh and sometimes chocolate croissants for breakfast at the weekend. It's ALL ABOUT THE BALANCE!!!

Love, Susie x

* And if you want the uncensored version including the meltdowns on days 1-3, the self- colonics and other interesting side effects on this journey, then email me!


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