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A festive reminder...

On our retreats, we talk a lot about ‘reconnecting to yourself’, rediscovering your Glow and - Yes - returning to yourself.

In our busy pressured lives it's all too easy to become someone we are not, or only to be seen for what we do rather than who we are.

At work we might play the ballsy boss, a beacon of confidence and self-assertion - when really we’re quaking inside at the weight of responsibility and battling with imposter syndrome.

At home we might be playing the perfect Mum when in reality we’re continually worrying if we’re getting it right.

With our wider families - and particularly at Christmas - it’s all too easy to slot into our predetermined roles from childhood. Despite being over 50 and the mother to two young adults, as soon as I’m back at home and with my brother and sister, I feel a tangible shift in myself and regress back to being the naughty teenager - the perceived ‘Black Sheep’ of the family.

So, who is the real YOU behind all the layers of life - beneath all the hats that you wear?

It’s so important to really understand and know ourselves - who we truly are inside - and to feel and nurture a connection to our true self. On our retreats, particularly within our guided meditations we bring a lot of focus to really seeing ourselves, both from the inside out and from the outside in - as if viewing ourself as an ‘other and gazing at ourselves with kindness and affection.

Only when we can truly feel a connection to ourselves can we foster a better relationship with ourselves - to learn to have our inner-narrative steeped in kindness and compassion, to love ourselves as we are, where we are and how we are, including the shadows.

This connection, this ‘returning to yourself’ is such an important part of self-care, when we can drop the veils, take off the hats and release ourselves from the weight of expectation - even if only for a short time here and there.

Why not find a few moments in your day today to stop and check in with yourself?

Find a quiet place and sit - you can be on your mat, on your bed or a comfy chair - and in a comfortable seated position place one hand on your heartspace and one hand on your belly.

Some people find background music is more calming than total silence, and if this is you, we particularly LOVE this piece of music - prosaically called ‘Back To You’ - perfect!

Connect to your breath, bring your attention to the inhalation and exhalation while keeping it as relaxed as possible - don’t force it, just follow your natural rhythm.

Feel the connection of your hands on your body and your body beneath your hands.

Send yourself loving kindness through your hands to your heart and belly.

Ask yourself sweetly and kindly - How are you doing today?

Just stay with yourself, give yourself this time and honour the connection to yourself, to your inner - self, your soul, your spirit - whatever you want to call it.

Just be with yourself.

That’s it.

With love, Sarah & Susie x


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