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 Classic Glow Retreat

Sample Itinerary

Can Shanti, Ibiza - 5 Nights




1500 - Welcome to Glow! Arrivals & settling in time, with herbal infusions or a zingy detox shot & a light snack.


1700-1830 - Welcome to your first Glow yoga experience of the retreat, on the magical deck in our own private forest at Can Shanti. 

The Theme is Grounding

We start with an introduction to the Glow philosophy of teaching, followed by a guided meditation to help you settle & truly ‘land’ in Ibiza. Then a slow floor-based practice to unwind and lengthen the spine followed by a long savasana using essential oils to help you to relax into the retreat experience. 


1900 - Supper under the stars - You will love our nightly three course fine-dining experience using the fresh, plant-based, seasonal & locally-sourced produce.

At every evening meal you can enjoy a glass of organic wine, if you so wish. 




0800 - Light help-self breakfast bites will be served in the poolside lounge.

Enjoy this peaceful time to read, reflect and enjoy a morning tea or coffee while absorbing the sounds of the Ibizan countryside that surrounds you. .


0830-1030 - Back to the forest deck for our daily morning Glow yoga practice.

The theme is Expansion.  

Opening with a guided meditation & creative visualisation to begin to create some space in our busy minds. We will focus on a yoga asana flow, with accompanying music to open and expand both our external as well as our internal body space, using breathwork to elevate our connection to this internal space - and all the possibilities it holds! 


1100 - Post yoga juices and elixir shots 


1200 - Daily delicious, healthy & hearty Brunch served in the poolside lounge


1300-1600 - The first afternoon is YOUR time, to completely relax & fully immerse yourself in the retreat. You will enjoy a full-body welcome massage in a hidden spot in the gardens or in our cosy Yurt. We offer one-to-one Wellbeing check-ins so you can download or offload what you need to,  & identify any personal goals or intentions for your retreat. 


1630 - A healthy snack will be served each afternoon in the poolside lounge -  or let our team serve you whilst you relax on your sunbed. 


1730 - A gentle evening stroll to Heaven’s Gate (Puerto del Cielo) look-out point. We will guide you in a short but sweet meditation to set our intentions for the retreat in this powerful place. 


1900 - Starlit dinner - enjoy the most beautiful nourishing cuisine, as connections grow and we share stories around the table.


2100 - Join us in the beautiful candlelit yurt - wrap up in a blanket and we will guide you through a calming Yoga Nidra - the yogic state of 'conscious sleep.'




0800 - Light help-self breakfast bites. Sunday’s are traditionally a day of rest, so feel free to celebrate this time in silence and enjoy some time for yourself before we start our practice. The gardens and grounds of the villa are yours to explore, with plenty of hidden spots for peaceful solitude.


0830-1030 - Our daily morning Glow yoga practice.

The theme is Strengthen.  

We will open with a guided meditation & creative visualisation to help strengthen our connection to ourselves. The energising yoga asana flow will focus on strengthening our physical bodies as well as our minds as we gently challenge ourselves and start to shift physical, mental and emotional blocks. A more activating breathwork will leave you feeling re-energised, re-charged and capable of more than you thought possible!


1100 - Superfood smoothies & energy shots 


1200 - Brunch - feel free to continue the soulful Sunday vibes and enjoy your brunch with the group - or with yourself! How often do we really get that time for ourselves where we can enjoy our food mindfully in beautiful surroundings? 


1230-1300 - Sunday continues to be a day of rest as you lounge by the pool, enjoy additional treatments & therapies or simply relax in the sunshine with a good book or a little snooze in the shade!


1630 - A healthy snack will be served at the poolside lounge.


1730 - An hour of Evening Restorative Yoga practice. The sensory experience continues as we take you through the key poses for deep relaxation using props and music to cultivate a deep-felt sense of peace as the nervous system continues to calm. 


1900 - Starlit dinner in the garden




0800 - Light help-self breakfast bites will be served in the poolside lounge


0830-1030 - Our daily morning Glow yoga practice.

The theme is Balance. 

The asana flow will focus on twisting and balancing in a sequence to bring ourselves towards a state of balance - of equanimity and equality of the left and right hand sides of the body, whilst bringing awareness that we are not totally symmetrical beings and each day will bring something new! Our Breathwork practice of Nadi Shodana follows this theme. 


1100 - Superfood smoothies 


1200 - Brunch at the poolside lounge. Chef Remko will prepare & theme each brunch so that every meal is a delight and a surprise! 


1300-1600 - Your time - whether you choose to lie by the pool with a book, chat with other guests or continue your own personal journey of additional treatments & therapies. 


1630 - Healthy & tasty Snack


1700 - Ceremonial cacao ritual for the heart, with live music to guide you to a state of deep relaxation and acceptance that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. 


1900 - Supper under the stars 




0645 - Optional early morning Vitamin-SEA dip at a secret cove for the early birds with a meditation to greet the day 


0800 - Light help-self breakfast bites will be served in the poolside lounge


0830-1030 - Our daily morning Glow yoga practice.

The theme is Stabilise. 

One of the pillars of yoga is the concept of stirham & sukham - stability and ease - and we need both in equal measure in order to navigate our way through life - both on and off the mat. This practice will take you to your edge and back to a place of peace in order that you can feel for yourself that ‘sweet spot’. We learn to flow with the energy and surrender when we need to. We will revisit the concept of biomechanics so you can see how far you’ve come on this journey. 


1100 - Cold-pressed juices and elixir shots 


1200 - Poolside Brunch 


1300-1600 - YOU -TIME and any additional treatments & therapies you have selected


1630 - Afternoon Snack 


1700-1900 - Magical Closing Ceremony in nature… 


1900 - A celebratory dinner with live music & touches of magic 




0800 - Light help-self breakfast bites will be served in the poolside lounge


0830-1000 - Our daily morning Glow yoga practice.

The theme is Fly. 

Our final morning practice opens with a guided visualisation. We learn to fly with an asana flow focussed on taking flight and always looking forwards, not backwards. We focus on fine-tuning our intentions for our ongoing life after the retreat. 


1030 - Superfood Smoothies and Poolside Brunch with fresh-pressed juices. 

If you need to leave earlier to catch your flight, we’ll give you a delicious Buddha Bowl to take with you. 


Departures & final goodbyes by 1200

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